The Basic Rules

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The Basic Rules

Post by Chiaki on Mon Jun 01, 2015 5:55 pm

So, the rules are pretty basic. I'm sure I won't have to actually do anything about these since, again, pretty basic stuff so there's no reason any of them would be broken.

Be active. Don't disappear for three months or some crap. It's that simple. I'm not expecting immediate replies, but don't make me wait a long time, please.
Be literate. Spelling, grammar, and et cetera should be used correctly, but I'm not expecting perfection. It happens to every one, right? Just try to check yourself before you post and make sure it's all in order.
Be literate again. Make sure your posts are the right length and try to make it flow correctly. 3-4 for sentences at the minimum and what not.
Be original. Sure, you can use blah-blah-blah from blah-blah-blah's picture, but make your own information at least. Unless it's a fandom-based role-play these characters need to be original and actually have thought put into them. Dream-Selfy, Rinmaru, and what ever else would work as a character creator if you really want a picture, but they aren't needed.
Keep OP-ness to a minimum or I'll nerf you. No groups of all-powerful-scythe-wielding-she-demons, okay? As cool as that may sound, it's not fair to the not-as-powerful-vampire-bunnies they're gonna fight (total bull crap example).

And yeah. That's all I really have to say here. Anything else can be discussed below.


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